Try Out This Healthy Restaurant That Offers Fruit and Vegetables Smoothies

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Keeping to a diet is not easy because of the lack of consistent determination for someone to keep to a choice diet. However, there are restaurants that provide healthy dishes to its customers. These restaurants are termed “healthy” because of their menu which is mostly filled with very nutritious dishes. Their dishes have very low calories and are packed with vitamins, among other nutritional qualities.

A healthy restaurant doesn’t only offer fine dishes, but a conducive environment. Qualities that would give a restaurant the healthy title, are: the nutritional qualities of the restaurant, the worker’s cleanliness, the environment, how the dishes are served, and other factors. If you want to learn more about a restaurant’s health requirements, an internet search should be alright. Customers search for these factors when choosing a healthy restaurant to eat at.

Currently, Jamba Juices has 864 locations

If you are looking for one of the healthiest restaurants you can eat at, a recommendation would be Jamba Juices. This restaurant specializes in natural liquids for all ages and tastes, whether you like creamy or plain. It has a healthiness rating of about 69 percent which is a high healthiness rating. Jamba even has a section for plant-based smoothies which consists of a mixture of nutritious fresh plants. An interesting item on their vast menu of drinks is the carrot juice. They also have a myriad of beverages to tend to your every desire. The company was founded in 1990 in San Luis Obispo, California, by Kirk Perron, Joe Vergara, Kevin Peters and Linda Olds.

Currently, Jamba Juices has 864 locations worldwide, although most are in the United States. This restaurant seems to be doing well in terms of customer service as there have been numerous positive reviews about them. The current CEO is David Pace, who has been running for office since 2016.

The kids' menu offers drinks such

Jamba’s menu is nothing less than a vitality-filled, wondrous sight to behold. There are different sections on the menu, but the sections are the most alluring. In the smoothie section they have four different sections namely, Kids, Classic, plant based and power. The kid’s menu is obviously targeted at kids or little people with small hands. These beverages are just the right size for little children as they might find it hard to drink from a bigger cup. The classic section is a combination of refreshing fruit smoothies. The plant-based section offers lots of fruit and vegetable drinks, while the power menu showcases lots of protein shakes.

The kids’ menu offers drinks such as strawberry gone bananas and blueberry strawberry blast off. Kids’ nutritious smoothies are in portable, recyclable cups for little kids. Classic menu includes: watermelon breeze, mango ago, Caribbean passion, razzmatazz, strawberry surf rider, aloha pineapple, strawberries gone wild, white gummy, orange dressing machine, peanut butter moo’d and matcha green tea blast. Plant-based smoothies include, apple ‘n greens, mega mango, smooth talking mango, straw whirl, greens ‘n ginger, pomegranate paradise, peach perfection and vanilla blue sky. Power smoothies include, Pbt banana protein pea, açai super antioxidants, Pbt banana protein whey, protein berry workout pea, protein berry workout whey, pb chocolate love, orange-c booster, lotta horchata and la vida mocha. All these beverages are undoubtedly healthy because of their rich, nutritious ingredients.

Try Out This Healthy Restaurant That Offers Fruit and Vegetables Smoothies

Their company offers an array of family packs just in case you want to pack a box of nutrients for your family or friends. Shots are even offered in this restaurant. Some shots are ginger, turmeric, wheatgrass shots, ginger lemon cayenne and ginger orange cayenne. Shots might not be mouth watering, but they are packed with nutrition to the brim. Their fruit bowls, such as the açai primo, chunky strawberry, island piataya, vanilla blue sky or oatmeal, are also highly recommended. These fruit bowls come served with any of their customers’ favorite toppings. Instead of drinking their liquids, you can opt for any fruit bowl of your choice.

The Jamba company’s other incredible offers are their Juices. Even their juices are packed with vitamins and minerals in every ounce. Their pure carrot juice is made up of purely carrot, as the name suggests. Other offers include cucumber orange coolers, orange carrot twists, orange supreme, veggie vitality and purely oranges with great greens. The great green juice is made from lemon, cucumber, and apples with fresh spinach. This is by far the most nutritious of all the juices. Their prizes are fairly expensive, but this restaurant is worth a try for all good food seekers.