The Effect of Eating Pizza

December 2, 2020 by No Comments

It is considered as one of the greatest gifts to earth from Italy. Pizza is universal, eaten in all parts of the world with no regard to race or gender. Among the most popular foods on earth, Pizza completely fits in, due to its taste or texture. The concept behind packaging and eating is unique as it stands. Inserted in a square box, circulating shape and sliced in triangular shapes, it is fun to eat. There have been arguments on whether pizza is healthy or bad for general health as others see pizza as junk food that should not be eaten. Opinions differ, but one indisputable fact about pizza is that it is a delicacy like no other.

Judging whether this Italian delicacy is safe to eat is often shallow. This is considering the fact that there are infinite ways of making your pizza based on general ingredients or the limitless toppings that are permitted on a pizza. It is certified that different foods/fruits have diverse effects on the body. Fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals all have their roles to play in the human body. Despite the good sides to these, the ingredients have side effects when eaten in excess quantity. That is the basis behind determining if a pizza is healthy or hazardous.

Finally, yeast boosts the immune system,

Generally, before toppings are added, pizza consists of flour, cheese, tomato sauce and yeast. Vitamins, proteins, fiber and carbohydrates are contained in baking flour. With flour being the major factor, you can clearly see its benefits. Cheese is a great source of calcium, fats with proteins; calcium is good for building/ maturing of bones. Tomato being a fruit/vegetable already shows how healthy your pizza can be as it contains vitamins C.

Finally, yeast boosts the immune system, boosts nail/hair health and a healthy pregnancy. Once you consume too much pizza, you consume too much of its ingredients and its side effects begin to manifest. Excess flour causes high blood pressure, weight gain and/or mood swings. Too much cheese is linked with numerous cardiovascular diseases. Ingesting excess tomato sauce can result in diabetes, obesity and atherosclerosis.

The Effect of Eating Pizza

With no dispute, toppings are what make pizza diverse, and they constitute the order placed on each pizza. While eaters detest having pineapple as a topping, others love the idea with the taste included. Even as far as the type of cheese the buyer wants, the selection process is diverse in numerous ways. Vegetarians do not want meat or dairy products on theirs while others would love some pepperoni, it is all about choices. In the aspect of toppings, you either choose the healthy route or the unhealthy route. If you really enjoy eating pizza, it would be safer to try different tops to avoid overfeeding on a specific class of food.

Whether Pizza is healthy or unhealthy, it solely depends on your choices or the quantity you eat at a time. It is definitely safe when eaten correctly as your body processes its needed amounts and utilizes them. This delicacy becomes detrimental to human health when overeaten, leading to illnesses. Just like other foods, you need to be conscious enough to eat the appropriate amount.